Welcome to Your Piscina Care

The swimming pool is likely the most expensive garden feature in your Spanish home; it certainly occupies most the terrace and is a major focal point.

It attracts real estate value upon sale – no pool usually equates to much less re-sale value.

It is a place of relaxation, tranquillity, health and fitness.

It is the focal point of holiday rental properties.

It is the most important attraction for your guests and visitors, especially the children and grandchildren.

Your Piscina Care sets out to ensure that the pool meets all of your expectations in a cost effective and professional way.

The aim:

  • To offer regular maintenance (pool cleaning) including professional water chemistry control
  • To deal with all structural repairs, rotten pipe work, leaks etc.
  • To maintain the plant room machines and offer an emergency 24-hour repair solution
  • To supply and install the best pool equipment, selected on its merit and with full onsite warranty (without excuses)

The Philosophy:

Constant Research & Development into new techniques and products that support new knowledge. There is always new knowledge. Relying on old techniques and believing in manufactures claims is simply not good enough.

As pool science is not a mystery, it is easy to see why chemical companies look for the easy solutions, which are sadly, and generally based upon their profit and ease of distribution, rather than the health and welfare of pool users.

For years’ swimmers have complained about the smell, skin defects, itching sore eyes, upset stomachs, bleached swim wear, bleached hair. The health benefits of swimming are well known. However, the health defects are kept quiet – until now. Now the knowledge is there to be found. Your Piscina Care has the knowledge and ability to deliver the safe hygienic option, in fact the only option is the healthy hygienic offer.

Owners have wasted thousands of Euros, re-grouting, re-tiling, digging up terraces where chemical damage has rotted pipe work. 

Your Piscina Care empowers the owner or provides a full and comprehensive service. There is a NO CONTRACT philosophy. You pay as you go. You benefit from all the research and development.

This web site will keep evolving to inform, entertain and attract debate.  Whatever you may now or in the future need or want, Your Piscina care aims to deliver.

Enjoy – contact – follow. Together we are so much more powerful and effective than as individuals. The more we collaborate the better the pool will become…

Our full pool cleaning service includes, netting, complete wall brushing, vacuuming, tile cleaning and more...

Pool Cleaning

We fix pool motors, pool timers, pool lights, pool heaters, pool filters, pool pumps, pool valves and lots more...


The hygiene of the water has to be maintained and any sediments floating on the surface have to be regularly cleaned...


A law to help prevent entrapment drowning and injury at all private and public pools has been passed...