Economy – An overview.


The careful use of money, resources, and means of production.

She praised his economy in running the business.

(an extract from the English dictionary)


The swimming pool is without any doubt an expensive water feature. The swimming pool is no exception in demanding care and consideration in its desire for ongoing regular maintenance.

This section of the web site deals with operating costs, it considers the short, medium and long term, it highlights where problems will occur, the common pit falls, the essential tasks, and the regular tasks. My view is always the same in that prevention is always better than cure.

I believe in first determining the best way of looking after the pool and then look at the economic aspects later. By looking at the economy first it is likely the wrong decisions are made which are always the cause of costly repairs later. False economy is wrong in all ways….

Economy and Water chemistry policy:


Swimming pool hygiene is simply science and has no relationship with commercial companies desire to sell convenient chemical cocktails.

By disregarding these substances and instead researching and learning, we discover the solutions are cheaper, removing damage to the pool and preventing damage to our health.

In this section we look at the damage caused by use of these substances, and therefore how to avoid such costly repairs.


Just because they exist – does not mean they are right.

Research - the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources to establish facts and reach new conclusions.


Pool Construction:


By looking at and understanding the construction of the pool, we start to understand why things go wrong. Experience of living in Spain with swimming pools and seeing how others look after pools explains why catastrophic failure and heavy costs occur. The most classic problems are:

  • Loss of suction from skimmers. An expensive, time consuming solution and easily avoidable. Usually need to dig up the terrace! Easily avoidable.
  • Etching, stained grout, soft grout, general surfaces damage. An expensive solution, time consuming and avoidable. Easily avoidable.
  • Rust spots. Very expensive to attain a full proof result with warranty. Caused by bad initial construction. Only use pool constructors who warranty their work for at least ten years.



Plant Room.


The most talked about subject in Costs Blanca when it comes to swimming pool ownership is the “pool pump electrical cost”.

Water circulation is essential. The more hours the pump is running the better. Short run times can cause poor water quality. Economical pumps are the solution.


Heated Pools:


This expensive water effect becomes an Oasis of luxury once heated, but at what cost? How to heat the pool economically, how to retain the heat, how to best use the energy to heat the pool.


Evaporation & Heat retention:


Higher temperature of liquid and lower partial pressure of vapor in the air above the surface. The latter is why blowing at a spoon of hot soup makes it cool faster - you remove relatively fast-moving water molecules from the air above the soup, “making room” for new ones to escape from the liquid, taking energy with them.

Dragi Raos, IT consultant, lapsed physicist


Water is a scarce resource in the costa Blanca. The summer climate is hot, the winters are drier than ever. The population is growing and ever more demanding. The cost of refilling pools due to evaporation is growing.

  • Evaporation requires topping up of water from the tap (which is cold – therefore reduces pool temperature).
  • Evaporation dilutes the chlorine content, and upsets the saturation index, all additional costs, with possibly critical side effects.
  • We know that 70 – 80% of the pools heat is lost through the surface at the point of evaporation.

Covering the pool is the way to overcome these problems. The invisible pool cover “Heatsavr” is the hygienic, effective, convenient way of reducing heat loss and evaporation by approx. 50%.


To buy cheaply, to save money, is a false economy.

To buy wisely because of thought and consideration is to calculate and predict economy.



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