An Overview:


Typically, an outdoor pool in the northern Costa Blanca will only reach temperatures of 25 degrees (c) or more for approx. 60 days per year (Mid-June till latter part of August). 


Only the brave will want to swim in water less than 25 degrees (c) – most people will generally consider the luxury aspect of a pool to be at a temperature of 27 degrees (c) which is the temperature of an indoor leisure centre.


For so many owners who are non-resident and away during the hottest periods of the year, being unable to enjoy their luxury private pool in the glorious shoulder seasons, a heated pool is the only answer.


In the northern Costa Blanca it is normal for us to enjoy hot sunshine on the pool terrace from March through to Christmas, but outside of the typical summer season the water temperature will have dropped to icy temperatures of around 10 degrees (c) or less – Ouch!


The Possibilities:


A heated pool will easily operate at 27 degrees (c) (or more if you choose) from March till December - that's at least extending the swimming season by six months. It is not unusual to swim in 27 degrees (c) in December and therefore only close the pool in January & February, these being the coldest months of the year.



Heating a pool requires thought and consideration... 


  1. Heating potential – Heat Pump power – How many months of the year.
  2. The electrical power required – plant room power potential – overall power available – is an upgrade required.
  3. Economy and Efficiency.
  4. Hygiene requirements.
  5. Heat Cover – Prevention of heat loss and Evaporation.
  6. Practical installation – Integration with existing plant room equipment.
  7. Location survey – water volume – pool altitude – pool type.



Survey and Integration:


A site survey is critical in determining all the above. From which point it becomes possible to specify the required equipment to meet the objectives.


A successfully heated pool requires all the equipment to work in harmony with each other. Just like customising a car, just bolting on a formula one turbo charger does not make a ford fiesta a racing car!


To arrange a site survey contact me:

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