Heat Pump – Why have a heated pool.

A few facts to consider…

The northern costa Blanca enjoys some 300 days of sunshine on average every year (according to the World Health Organisation).

A swimming pool who’s’ water temperature is less than 25 degrees is not providing a luxurious environment.

Natural heat is provided by the sun. Although the longest day of the year is June 21st the fact remains that the water does not normally reach 25 degrees until mid-June. The Spanish phrase is that summer starts on May 40th, in other words June 10th, (Click here for further details) - this is when the real summer calm hot conditions really take a hold. Of course, this then leads into the really hot July & August periods.

Swimming pool water will naturally reach 25 to 32 degrees (dependant on height above sea level, prevailing wind, and direct sunlight hours on the water).

We can conclude that the swimming season without heating will reliably last from Mid-June till end of August, which is on average less than 90 of those 300 days.

A heated pool can easily and efficiently reach 27 degrees from April till November. More powerful and efficient heating will enable the pool water to remain at such temperatures virtually all year around.

During shoulder season months (April till June, September till November) it is very normal for terrace temperatures, in direct sunlight, to be greater than 25 degrees, whilst pool temperatures will be between 12 or a maximum of 20 degrees. Very pleasant outside temperatures, with horrible unusable pool temperatures – unless they are heated.

Owners of beautiful homes in the northern costa Blanca who are permanent residents can now luxuriate in their beautiful pools whenever the sun is out.

Likewise, owners who typically avoid the really hot months of July & August and prefer the “cooler” shoulder seasons can now also luxuriate in their pools as if it were still mid-summer.

The swimming pool is the ideal place to relax unwind and enjoy gently exercise. Many residents choose the costa Blanca because of its enormous wealth of health benefits. The swimming pool is complementary in allowing arthritic joints weight bearing movement. The many benefits of swimming are all well known, all this in a private heated, healthy pool is now an easily achievable reality.

Here is how to create this perfect reality…


How to use - Heating Systems:



The Heating system is configured as follows:
  • Circulation Pump. Ideally variable speed, controls suction and return flow.
  • Sand filter (either using sand or better glass media)…
  • Three-way valve system. Controls water flows to the “Air Source Heat Pump” installed outside the plant room (not required with variable speed pump.
  • Ultra Violet system. Ensures heated water is cleansed of activated bacteria, virus, moulds, algae etc awakened by the heated water
  • Chlorine Dispenser. Before entering the pool, the water will collect Free-Active-Chlorine, from the dosatech dispenser.
  • Heatsavr. Dispenses liquid pool cover

Three-way Valve explanation:

  • The three-way valve system comprises a tap valve to the heat pump // return from heat pump // by pass direct to pool.
  • The heat pump “flow rate” is to be configured so that water is heated by +2 (c). Note: The more powerful the heater the greater the flow potential. 
  • The by-pass valve allows excess flow to be circulated directly to the pool “bypassing the heat pump. The heater (as specified) can heat only a given quantity of water (flow). Given too high a flow rate will reduce the output temperature to less than +2 degrees. Too little flow will potentially damage the heater. The heater has a built in “flow switch” which detects low flow and stops the heating process.
  • A variable speed pump allows the flow to be adjusted at the water pump to exactly match the heater. Therefore, all the circulated water is heated. This will reduce electrical power consumption & heat the pool quicker.

Heating Control:

The system is configured so that…
  • Heating set point is the desired temperature. Factory setting is 27 degrees. 29 degrees is found to be much more comfortable especially when air temperatures are in the 20 – 25 degrees range.
  • When water is less than set point the heater will become active & control the circulation pump.
  • When water is 1 (c) over set point heater will stop. Circulation pump will stop “if” circulation pump timer is not active.
  • When water is 1 (c) lower than set point, it will auto re start.

To Activate the heat Pump:

  • Remove heat pump cover (if fitted).
  • Ensure flow valves are open.
  • Turn on heat pump fuse.
  • Go to Heat pump, the display should indicate “heating”. If it displays “Off”, turn it on, on the front panel, far left key.
  • That’s it!

To Set Heat Pump Temperature:

  • With heater running press the up-arrow display will blink showing 1 then temperature.
  • To increase heat set point press up arrow.
  • To decrease heat set point press down arrow.
  • Set point will increase and decrease by 0.5-degree steps.

To Set Up By-Pass valves:

  • Fully open valve to the heater.
  • Fully open return valve from heater.
  • Fully close the by-pass valve
  • At the heat pump with it running select the service key, the display will blink.
  • Use the Up arrow to scroll through settings until you reach “A”, this will tell you the temperature of water going to the heater.
  • Now press the up arrow once more now display will show “B” this is output temperature.
  • If output temp is “less than” 2 more than input temp, the flow is too high, now gradually open the by pass valve, wait a few minutes to see the effect. 
  • Once the temperature difference is 2 degrees the by-pass selection is correct.

To Activate Heatsavr:

  • Connect power supply
  • Set time…Press and hold up arrow till hour blinks….use up // down arrows to set hour.
  • Press set to save…
  • Now minutes is blinking adjust using up // down arrows
  • Press save to set…
  • The dispensing program will have been pre-set for the pool size and will be active at 19.00 hours.
  • Ensure the water pump timer is active at 19.00, otherwise the Heatsavr chemical will not be dispensed.

Ultra Violet System:

  • Water always flows through the U.V system.
  • Ensure the UV system is connected to its dedicated power point. The UV system is wired to the same contactor as the water circulation pump. As long as the pump is active the UV system becomes active.
  • During backwashing maintenance, ensure the UV is disconnected from its mains supply. The UV lamp should not be operated without water flow.
  • The UV lamp is required to be changed after 2 years.

Dosatech Chlorine Dispenser:

  • Connect power supply
  • Set time…Press and hold up arrow till hour blinks….use up // down arrows to set hour.
  • Press set to save…
  • Now minutes is blinking adjust using up // down arrows
  • Press save to set…
  • To set program of dispensing press “set” until it blinks
  • The set start time (hour and minutes)
  • Then set run time (up to 600 seconds)
  • Chlorine maths. 1ppm in 100,000 = 833ml.  0.5litres / second is dispensed. (To add 1ppm on 50,000 litres. (0.5 * 416.5ml) / 0.5 =  833 seconds. 

Water Chemistry:

  • Heat pump warranty will be null and void if water chemistry is seen to have damaged the heater components. 
  • Ensure saturation index is maintained between 0.3 & -0.3 on the Langelier index (https://pentairpool.com/en/support/tools/calculators/_pages/saturation%20index%20calculator)
  • The target is a PH value of 7.2. To achieve this at your preferred given temperature, first achieve the correct water hardness (Calcium / bicarbonates & CYAf, so that when PH is correct “S.I = zero”
  • Ensure the CYA does not exceed 50ppm.
  • Maintain residual Free chlorine at 7.5% of the CYA. Therefore, lower CYA levels enable lower chlorine levels. The longer the UV is active reduces demand on the chlorine, which will reduce chlorine consumption.

Warranty notes:

Poor water chemistry is unhealthy for human beings and bank accounts. 
Incorrect “acidic” saturation index will cause excessive corrosion which damages components. If PH is controlled without regard for the waters durability, it becomes acidic, even if the PH reading is “apparently correct”. 
Ensure you have your pool professional provide you with an accurate saturation index test and CYA / Free chlorine result with a planned prescriptive procedure for water control in place.



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Heatsvr LogoAs part of their ongoing quest to provide excellent service combined with value for money, Your Piscina Care have been appointed the sole distributor of HeatsavrTM, an amazing product that offers a new level of economy for pool owners.

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HeatsavrTM is a patented formula and is fully biodegradable, forming carbon dioxide, oxygen and water. The molecular size of the liquid pool cover is so small it was flow right through even the best filter media on the market, and simply work its way through the circulation system until it returns to the main body of water, thereforeit will not affect any of your pool equipment.

Heatsvr Hand LogoHeatsavrTM has been fully tested and undergone numerous independent trials, including toxicology and energy saving assessments. The product has been found to be completely safe for bathers, have no effect on the chemistry of the pool water and to offer genuine energy saving benefits. It has been sold in the UK market since 2003 and is rapidly gaining popularity across Europe.

HeatsavrTM is dosed once a day, normally at night when the pool is empty. The carrier within the product evaporates within 30 minutes leaving an invisible mono-layer on the surface of the pool water. The molecules will be separated once the water is disturbed but quickly reform once settled. HeatsavrTM can be hand dosed but should ideally be automatically dosed to ensure an even and consistent coverage.

Financial savings with HeatsavrTM are greatest at night but daytime savings can also be enjoyed, even when bathers are present in the pool. It is the ideal solution for pools where periods of downtime during the day are common. HeatsavrTM can also be used in conjunction with a traditional pool cover to ensure 100% coverage of the pool’s surface.

On an outdoor pool, HeatsavrTM works like a conventional solar blanket and savings relate directly to reduced evaporation and hence pool water heat loss. Since the average outdoor pool loses approximately 70% of its heat to evaporation, Heatsavr™ helps maintain the water temperature in any pool, saving heat, water and money to keep a pool's heater running.

On an indoor pool, in addition to savings on water heating and water loss, HeatsavrTM also reduces the overall energy usage related to dehumidification and air handling. Every pool experiences evaporation, whether indoors or outside. That evaporation causes your pool to lose heat and water, and it results in higher humidity levels, because of the water vaporising into the surrounding air.

To download the HeatsavrTM Brochure please click here.

To download HeatsavrTM Testimonials please click here.

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