Heat Pump – Why have a heated pool.

A few facts to consider…

The northern costa Blanca enjoys some 300 days of sunshine on average every year (according to the World Health Organisation).

A swimming pool who’s’ water temperature is less than 25 degrees is not providing a luxurious environment.

Natural heat is provided by the sun. Although the longest day of the year is June 21st the fact remains that the water does not normally reach 25 degrees until mid-June. The Spanish phrase is that summer starts on May 40th, in other words June 10th, (Click here for further details) - this is when the real summer calm hot conditions really take a hold. Of course, this then leads into the really hot July & August periods.

Swimming pool water will naturally reach 25 to 32 degrees (dependant on height above sea level, prevailing wind, and direct sunlight hours on the water).

We can conclude that the swimming season without heating will reliably last from Mid-June till end of August, which is on average less than 90 of those 300 days.

A heated pool can easily and efficiently reach 27 degrees from April till November. More powerful and efficient heating will enable the pool water to remain at such temperatures virtually all year around.

During shoulder season months (April till June, September till November) it is very normal for terrace temperatures, in direct sunlight, to be greater than 25 degrees, whilst pool temperatures will be between 12 or a maximum of 20 degrees. Very pleasant outside temperatures, with horrible unusable pool temperatures – unless they are heated.

Owners of beautiful homes in the northern costa Blanca who are permanent residents can now luxuriate in their beautiful pools whenever the sun is out.

Likewise, owners who typically avoid the really hot months of July & August and prefer the “cooler” shoulder seasons can now also luxuriate in their pools as if it were still mid-summer.

The swimming pool is the ideal place to relax unwind and enjoy gently exercise. Many residents choose the costa Blanca because of its enormous wealth of health benefits. The swimming pool is complementary in allowing arthritic joints weight bearing movement. The many benefits of swimming are all well known, all this in a private heated, healthy pool is now an easily achievable reality.

Here is how to create this perfect reality…