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Heatsvr LogoAs part of their ongoing quest to provide excellent service combined with value for money, Your Piscina Care have been appointed the sole distributor of HeatsavrTM, an amazing product that offers a new level of economy for pool owners.

HeatsavrTM is a liquid pool blanket that covers the entire surface of the pool water when applied. When it is added to your pool, it creates a liquid barrier between the water and the air, which helps to reduce the rate of evaporation. It is invisible, tasteless and odourless and bathers will not be able to detect its presence. In addition, if your pool is heated, Heatsavr™ will help keep the heat generated by your heater in your pool, so that you don't have so spend as much money keeping your water up to temperature.

HeatsavrTM is a patented formula and is fully biodegradable, forming carbon dioxide, oxygen and water. The molecular size of the liquid pool cover is so small it was flow right through even the best filter media on the market, and simply work its way through the circulation system until it returns to the main body of water, thereforeit will not affect any of your pool equipment.

Heatsvr Hand LogoHeatsavrTM has been fully tested and undergone numerous independent trials, including toxicology and energy saving assessments. The product has been found to be completely safe for bathers, have no effect on the chemistry of the pool water and to offer genuine energy saving benefits. It has been sold in the UK market since 2003 and is rapidly gaining popularity across Europe.

HeatsavrTM is dosed once a day, normally at night when the pool is empty. The carrier within the product evaporates within 30 minutes leaving an invisible mono-layer on the surface of the pool water. The molecules will be separated once the water is disturbed but quickly reform once settled. HeatsavrTM can be hand dosed but should ideally be automatically dosed to ensure an even and consistent coverage.

Financial savings with HeatsavrTM are greatest at night but daytime savings can also be enjoyed, even when bathers are present in the pool. It is the ideal solution for pools where periods of downtime during the day are common. HeatsavrTM can also be used in conjunction with a traditional pool cover to ensure 100% coverage of the pool’s surface.

On an outdoor pool, HeatsavrTM works like a conventional solar blanket and savings relate directly to reduced evaporation and hence pool water heat loss. Since the average outdoor pool loses approximately 70% of its heat to evaporation, Heatsavr™ helps maintain the water temperature in any pool, saving heat, water and money to keep a pool's heater running.

On an indoor pool, in addition to savings on water heating and water loss, HeatsavrTM also reduces the overall energy usage related to dehumidification and air handling. Every pool experiences evaporation, whether indoors or outside. That evaporation causes your pool to lose heat and water, and it results in higher humidity levels, because of the water vaporising into the surrounding air.

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