Hygiene – An Overview:


The application of science and modern technology with intelligent testing moves your pool into today and away from the outdated methodology of yesterday.


A swimming pool is essentially a “deposito" or "reservoir” of water. The trouble is this reservoir is not a short-term storage vessel, it only gets topped up occasionally.

It suffers the effects of human beings entering the water covered in sun tan oil, cosmetics, and worse still to come natural human waste.

The outside pool also must contend with pesticides, plant life, pets, insects, rain, red rain and garden dirt.


Understanding water chemistry, unravelling the myths, prescribing the best solutions.


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These are key Factors that create a hygienic – luxury – safe pool to enjoy.

Water Chemistry:

  • Saturation index – balance of hardness, minerals & acidity.
  • Disinfectant – Chlorine balance.
  • Disinfectant – Non-chemical
  • Water Testing – Knowledge is the key.
  • Methods and frequency of dispensing.

Water Filtration:


It goes without saying that a reservoir of water without circulation will soon become a stagnant ugly mess. If this reservoir has all the disadvantages of human use and is outside, then it will soon become an ugly disease-ridden vessel.


Water filtration requires:

  • A filter (sand or cartridge filter).
  • Filter media (sand, glass or cartridge).
  • Filter pump (single speed, variable speed).
  • All installed with various control valves, electrical control timers etc.


The End Result….


In its most basic level your pool must have:

  • A balanced chemical policy.
  • Too many chemicals renders the pool uncomfortable, and toxic.
  • You simply do not want to swim in a bath of bleach, worst a bath of toxic (oxidised) bleach.
  • The water must circulate and filter away solids and contaminated material.

If your pool is heated, if your pool is heavily used for example for holiday rental, you are strongly advised to upgrade your plant room, to employ technology to control the water all day everyday.

Remove the risk enjoy water that is:

  • Soft and pleasant on the skin.
  • Odourless without aggravating asthma or other breathing difficulties
  • Does not bleach swim wear
  • Does not turn blond hair green
  • Does not cause stomach upset
  • Does not void the warranty of heat pump components
  • Does not corrode the plant room machinery
  • Does not rot pipe work, specifically avoiding the damage to flexible skimmer pipework


Pool hygiene is not a guess. It is a considered calculated science.

It does not require a cocktail of fancy packaged chemicals. It is a considered addition of the right chemicals in a balanced format.

Research – care – consideration – planning. Demand more from your luxury pool.


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