The benefits of Controlled Accurate Free-Active-Chlorine dispensing.

  • Always hygienically clean water
  • Low levels of disinfecting chemical
  • No bleaching of expensive swim wear
  • No itching – irritable skin – skin rashes
  • No red eye syndrome
  • No foul smells – drowsiness – asthma irritation
  • No rotten pipe work
  • No green / blue grout stains
  • No etching of tiles
  • No rotten corroded fittings in the plant room.Good looking water – prevent green mouldy pools
  • Comfortable safe water
  • Guaranteed no over stabilisation


Prescription of Disenfectant to a swimming pool:
Similar to a doctor prescribing antibiotics to control an infection. Outdoor swimming pools suffer from constant infectiouse attacks from plant life, pesticides and human waste matter. These "phosphates" need controlling by use of disenfectant.
Similar to a doctor prescribing antibiotics, pool disenfectant is consumed immediatly it comes into contact with contaminents.
Same as antibiotic prescription, chlorine disenfectant must be administered in small regular dosos so as not to be corrosive, toxic,  in other words act as a poison to humans.
Delivered every day, at the same time, and in busy periods as many as 24 times a day, will allow your pool to enjoy crazy low levels of chlorine disenfactant, without building toxic waste and without disturbing the waters saturation index balance.

All Pools need a Free-Active-Chlorine dispenser.

Prescription Strategy:

All swimming pools need a chemical strategy.

All outdoor pools need disenfectant "Chlorine" is the most effective and efficient solution. 

Chlorine dispensed from the plant room is safe, controlled and intelligent. Manual dosage is ineffective, and constantly leaves the pool "at risk"....

  • Every day at least twice a day the pool needs an injection of disenfectant (antibiotic) to control water infection.
  • Measured to be the correct amount based on the water chemistry.
  • Measured based upon the weather and usage demand.
  • Maintaining the correct levels to hygienically control the pool.
  • Add Ultra Violet filtration to control and reduce chlorine demand.

Heated Pools.

  • As part of the heated pool warranty, chlorine level must not exceed 4ppm. The dispenser allows this to be achieved (assuming stabiliser levels are not exceeded).
  • Heated water encourages the activation of bacteria, virus, moulds, and algae. Preventing activation is essential if the pool is to be biologically cleansed.
  • With Ultra Violet the pool is completly protected.

Holiday Rental and community properties.

  • Heavy bather loads demand multiple daily disinfectant levels to be adjusted. As this is not practical the dispenser simply resolves this issue.
  • Low levels are vital to attain repeat bookings by having soft, clean comfortable water.
  • Removes the risk of infections breaking out in the pool which will result in pool closure and loss of revenue (not least of which enormous hassle).A constant low level of disinfectant delivered following thought consideration and planning to ensure a perfect safe environment all day every day.
  • Remove the risk – why wait days for a delivery – how can we expect to achieve low constant levels, if the disinfectant is not at least delivered in considered measured amounts at least every day?
  • Advertise a clean hygienic pool with controlled low levels, people are generally aware that chlorine is necessary, but also are aware of the dangers and carcinogenic side effects of high levels of dispensed chlorine.

Residential Owners - absent owners DIY owners.

  • Perfectly balanced and controlled disinfectant in the pool, always ready and comfortable to use.
  • Rest assured your pool is protected from problems when you are away
  • Dramatically reduce service costs.
  • Remove the risk, use better quality chemicals, enjoy a better more comfortable pool
A constant low level of disinfectant delivered following thought consideration and planning to ensure a perfect safe environment all day every day.
Remove the risk – why wait days for a delivery – how can we expect to achieve low constant levels, if the disinfectant is not at least delivered in considered measured amounts at least every day?

Outdoor pools – some basic considerations:

All swimming pools require disinfectant, to remove and control bacteria, virus germs and algae. All of which proliferate in swimming pools and especially outdoor pools, and more so with heated pools.
The equation we are looking to achieve is:
  • Enough disinfectant to keep the water hygienic.
  • Balanced against the stabiliser level as accurately recorded (turbidity test – most accurate method)
  • Added safely and cleanly from the plant room.
  • In summer and during periods of heavy bather use and when heat pumps are active added in small amounts frequently throughout the day.

How to calculate the Chlorine prescription?

  • Using FAS/DPD test method to determine the exact Free Active Chlorine required at any given time.
  • Using turbidity test, accurately determines the stabiliser content (knowing stabiliser only reduces by draining).
  • Calculate the Free Active Chlorine required – as a percentage of stabiliser - to protect the pool from algae, bacteria, virus and mould outbreak.
  • This data enables us to simply calculate the daily quantity required, so now all that is required is to dispense the prescription.

Dispensing the Chlorine prescription.

  • Dispenser installed in the plant room.
  • Free-Active-Chlorine (Sodium hypochlorite sold as liquid chlorine) left safely in plant room connected to dispenser.
  • Dispenser is programable to a digital clock. In set, up the timer will be same as circulation pump timer.
  • With 24 programs available over the 24-hour period enables the precise distribution at the best times of day, reliably every day.

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Frequently asked questions:

How to reduce Chlorine demand without Chemicals

  • Use Ultra Violet filter.
  • Ultra Violet is a clean plant room installed devise that can reduce chlorine demand by up to 80%
  • As a non-chemical solution, it has no negative effects on the water balance (saturation index)
  • Ultra Violet kills all known germs including the most important “cyst” giardia Cryptosporidium known as crypto, known to cause Diarrheal which in outdoor pools treated with CYA stabiliser are very hard to remove. (
  • Ultra Violet has zero bleaching effect.
  • Ultra Violet instantly removes all activated bacteria, virus, algae when using heat pump.
  • Ultra Violet destroys toxic chlorine (chloramines)
  • The combination of Ultra Violet and Chlorine dispenser are a lethal combination in removing illness from swimming pools at very competitive prices.

Why not use slow dissolving chlorine tablets?

  • Tablets contain stabiliser (10 parts chlorine:6 parts stabiliser). The more tablets are used, the more stabiliser is added leading to lower chlorine efficiency which demands high chlorine levels. (note chlorine is consumed, stabiliser is only removed during draining – not evaporation and is not consumed).
  • Because higher chlorine levels will be demanded – greater bleaching effects will occur which are unpleasant to users (heavy bleaching, green hair uncomfortable water).
  • Slow dissolving chlorine adds to the quantity of toxic chlorine (chloramines) which are the direct cause of itchy skin, red eye, and breathing difficulties, the removal of which demands super chlorination (shock) which requires very high chlorine levels and the pool to be closed during treatment.
  • Build up of stabiliser in the water will damage pipe work, and pools surfaces.
  • Multi-action tablets contain heavy metal algacidas. The build up of which is the cause of blue/green stains in the pool grout, green hair, and other heath related problems.
  • Over stabilisation is the route cause of green pools and renders chlorine unable to deal with many more bacteria, algae etc.

Why not use Chlorine granules?

  • Granules contain 10 parts chlorine: 9 parts stabiliser.
  • Granules dissolve very quickly – that is the chlorine content dissolves quickly the stabiliser takes time.
  • Granules are the perfect way to attain the correct stabiliser level at the beginning of the swim season – easy to calculate quantities and contain no heavy metal algacidas.

Is Chlorine safe?

  • In low controlled measured quantities, it is safe.
  • The World-Health-Organisation say a pool with greater than 10 parts of chlorine : 1 million part of water are unsafe, and should be closed until levels subside.
  • Chlorine is bleach – it is unsafe unless handled correctly – it stains and corrodes metals. Correctly used it is perfectly safe.
  • The best way to use chlorine is by dispensing in controlled conditions, and by reducing demand by using ultra violet.

Why not switch to – Salt machines?

  • Salt water systems are chlorine systems. Salt is sodium chloride, which converts to sodium hypochlorite when it passes through the salt machine.
  • Salt machines are only effective when the water reaches 25 degrees (c).
  • Salt machines are expensive to buy and expensive to maintain.
  • Salt machines require attention to prevent galvanic corrosion.
  • The salt machine only works when the pump is running.
  • Salt machines are very expensive and complicated methods of dispensing chlorine.

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