Two years lamp change:

The Ultra Violet system (UVc) has a known lamp efficiency range of 2000 hours or Two years.
At this point the lamp will have reached 80% of its output capability.
Once the lamp has reached this point it is time to replace it for a new one.

The UV system – with new lamp:

With a new lamp – or a lamp operating between 80 – 100% output the Ultra Violet system (UVc) can:
  • Reduce chlorine demand by as much as 80%. 
  • Reduce disinfectant oxidation rates therefore reduce chemical fluctuations and demands.
  • Break the DNA of all moulds – pathogens – virus – bacteria and algae
  • Instantly destroy cysts – in swimming pools this means the removal of giardia cryptosporidium (crypto) the cause of stomach upset, infection & potentially serious illness. (Chlorine cannot break the cells of cysts unless in very high concentration at which point the swimming pool is unsuitable for swimming) (Crypto).
  • Instantly break down combined – toxic chlorine (chloramines), removing the toxic content to waste and returning Free-Active-Chlorine to the pool.
  • With broken DNA of protozoa, the swimming pool water is biologically safe to use
  • Heated pools need Ultra-Violet to destroy bacteria, virus, moulds, algae etc as agitated by artificially heating the water. Without an effective Ultra-Violet system, the pool water will need greater concentration of chemical disinfectant (chlorine) which is harmful to the internal mechanism of the heat pump.

Changing the Ultra Violet Lamp:

This is a relatively simple job dependant which can be undertaken from start to finish in a short space of time.
  • Close valves to and from the Ultra-Violet fitting.
  • Disconnect the power supply.
  • Remove both power supply and fitting from their wall mounted fixings.
  • In sunlight, remove power supply connection to fitting, enabling old lamp to be drawn out of its sheath.
  • Remove sheath clean and polish to enable new tube maximum output.
  • Re-install sheath, ensure the connection is water tight.
  • Install new lamp – connect to power supply.
  • Re install fitting and power supply to pool pipe work as originally installed.
  • Test.
  • Time approx. 2 hours.

Book your lamp change pre-season during the spring water balancing period:

The spring is the time to service all your plant room equipment including the Ultra-Violet system. 
Whilst re-balancing the water chemistry to achieve perfect water clarity and the best environment for swimmers as well as chemical efficiency, now is also the time to ensure the Ultra-Violet system is also at its best.
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